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So, I love fall.  Not only do you get perfect weather (in the Northeast, at least) — the cozy, cool sweater days with intermittent bursts of indian summer — but there’s also soup!  and leaves changing color! and playoff baseball!* and my birthday!!

More recently, I’ve started to get excited about fall veggies.  Now, I’m not the biggest veggie lover in the world, I confess, but I’ve been expanding my horizons over the past few months and have fallen hard (oh man, didn’t mean to pun there) for sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and pumpkin.  In celebration of my favorite season (and also, my favorite color!), I decided to make pumpkin bread tonight.

Here’s the link to the recipe I used.  I haven’t tried the bread yet, but the batter was delicious and our apartment smells heavenly right now!  The only modifications I made were omitting the chocolate chips — they didn’t seem all that necessary — and using a mix of half wheat and half white flour.


The batter in the Kitchen Aid (aka the best wedding present ever!)


Ready for the oven…


The finished product(s), ready for my belly!  This is why there should be internet smell-o-vision…

After Barkley and I got home from the dog run I spent most of my evening catching up on the phone with an old college friend, and completely forgot to have dinner!  I had two peach cups while I was on the phone, then chowed on a Clif bar as a dinner substitute after I put the pumpkin bread in the oven, but I think I might have another snack before I call it a night.


The aforementioned sad “dinner”

I also tried my hand at dissecting a pomegranate tonight, thanks to a handy-dandy tipsheet I picked up at the supermarket next to the POM display.  I’d say I was successful:


Any suggestions for what to do with the arils?

All in all today I’ve had about 26 WW points.  Considering the fact I didn’t really workout today, that’s probably reasonable, or maybe a little bit low.  Unfortunately, I underestimated my points yesterday — after tracking everything, I was up to 41 — so I’m going to have to be pretty “good” the rest of the week.  I only have 4 weeklies left!

Have a good night!

*A quick note about playoff baseball: I usually LOVE watching the playoffs, but unfortunately this year is (was…BOO Yankees) a perfect storm of TERRIBLE for Mets fans like myself.  No matter who wins, we lose.  Maybe my hockey and football teams will fare a little better than the Mets did this year… :-/


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