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As someone with plenty of experience losing weight (and gaining it back, but that’s besides the point), I’ve tried every trick in the book to keep myself motivated.  Rewards are a pretty popular weight loss strategy that I’ve certainly used in the past: when I lose 5 lbs., I’ll get a manicure.  When I hit goal I’m going on a cruise. In my book, rewards are dangerous.

I don’t mean to knock anyone who has been successful with this strategy, but I think there’s an implication inherent in weight loss rewards that if you don’t meet your goal, you’re not worthy of whatever you were going to reward yourself with.  Am I not allowed to buy a nice jacket because I ONLY lost two pounds in November, not the five pounds I really wanted? Plus, if you do decide to get the reward you wanted even if you didn’t make your (arbitrary) goal, you feel guilty about it!

There’s also the related issue of waiting to buy nice things until the weight comes off.  I’m very guilty of this one too.  For whatever reason, we’ve convinced ourselves that we don’t deserve nice, quality things when we’re not at our goal weight, which is crazy!  Repeat after me: the number on the scale does not determine our self-worth.

The fact is that deprivation in any form is bad, whether it involves cutting certain foods out of our diet to lose weight or not buying ourselves nice things until certain arbitrary milestones are met.  An improved quality of life and many more years on this planet are the rewards of losing weight and getting fit, and that’s plenty.

Love your body!  Give it the foods it craves (in moderation), dress it well and EMBRACE IT, no matter what size you are!  Don’t deprive your body of anything it really deserves, especially not because the scale told you to.

Now, let me step off my soapbox and get to the eats 🙂

Breakfast was my version of yesterday’s Starbucks treat: coffee with instant oatmeal and brown sugar (and *cough cough* some chocolate chips):


I never thought I’d say this, but the chocolate chips were too much!  I definitely don’t need my oatmeal that sweet.  Also, I added a little bit too much water to the oatmeal, so it was runnier than I would have liked.  Oh well, better luck next time!

I snacked on an unpictured granola bar before chorus rehearsal, then grabbed a frozen meal for lunch:


Amy’s Organic mac and cheese (YUM!) with a Diet Snapple and unpictured cup of sliced pineapple.

I snacked on the other half of yesterday’s pumpkin scone about an hour before the gym:


Then walked to the gym, took an hour yoga class, did about 20 minutes (1.5 SLOW miles — stupid side stitch!) on the treadmill and headed home.

Back later with the dinner recap, and keep the 3 great things about yourself coming! 🙂


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