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Picture-heavy post.

Let’s work backwards tonight!  I didn’t photograph dinner, but it was an Amy’s mac and cheese and about 8 million Pepperidge Farm Ginger Man cookies.  Here’s what I get from a Google image search:

mac and cheesegingerman

Pretty accurate!  Let’s just say there was a ginger man massacre and leave it at that.  :-/

Here’s my lunch:


Steamed chicken and broccoli with white rice and soy sauce — pretty tasty, but not the best I ever had.  For whatever reason, the Chinese place in our neighborhood does dinner WAY better than lunch.

Snacks included two pineapple cups and a handful of dried cranberries:



I also didn’t photograph breakfast, but it was a re-hash of an old classic: venti skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks and perfect oatmeal with brown sugar.  Tasty and caffeine-tastic!

Apparently, the only thing I photographed on Sunday or Monday was this: a bowl of sweet potatoes, roasted in olive oil and a smidge of sugar.  I had this x2:


Served on my favorite star blanket that I bought at Target 7+ years ago 🙂  I think I’ve had this blanket longer than I’ve known Matt!

Saturday was super random, food-wise.  “Breakfast” was leftover ribs from Friday night — my tummy was mad at me after some sweet potato fries, so I didn’t eat these until the next day.


Sometime Saturday afternoon I snacked on some pumpkin bread:

IMG_0782Notice that interested face in the background? 🙂

Before dinner I had some tortilla chips as a quick snack (again, with an interested face staring at me!):


Dinner was whole wheat pasta with turkey bolognese sauce (thanks, Fresh Direct!), sauteed cippolini onions and a bit of parmesan cheese:



And lastly, a quick pic of my adorable Barkmonster before I leave you for the night:



3 Responses

  1. Mmmm, pumpkin bread!

  2. mmm gingerbread man massacre!

  3. Pepperidge Farm Gingerbread men are amazing! Last year, I bought a bunch to send to Jon in an Xmas care package and….let’s just say he ended up being sent 2 instead of the 4 I bought.

    Love the Barkley cameos.

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