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Hello!  Short post tonight, since I don’t feel very well (my tummy is not so happy with me).  Maybe I can figure out why I’m feeling sick by recapping today’s eats:

I didn’t really have a proper breakfast this morning — bad Kara!  I ran out the door in the morning to pick up our Zipcar (an hourly rental car service in metro areas where people don’t have cars) and had a Fruit2Day on the way over to the garage.  It held me over pretty well through my errands — picking up big bags of dog food and going to the FedEx office to pick up a signature-only package — but by the time I got back to our apartment I was STARVING!  As a result, I made a protein-heavy brunchy lunch:


2 eggs and 2 egg whites cooked in 1 tsp. olive oil on high-fiber tortillas.  I also split a piece of muenster cheese (my fave!) and put half in each tortilla.

In addition to not having breakfast I also have a serious case of the hungries-after-a-big-workout-yesterday, so about an hour after my wraps I was still hungry and had some roasted sweet potato with olive oil and a touch of sugar:


Delicious!  I can’t believe I didn’t try sweet potatoes until this year!

While I was waiting for the potatoes to finish roasting I tried a new Clif bar (well, new to me), chocolate almond fudge.  I ate about a quarter of it — it was a little bit too artificial-tasting and not my speed.  Chocolate chip peanut crunch it is for me!  🙂

After a few hours I was craving something sweet and had two cups of mandarin oranges in Splenda-sweetened water:

orangesThis is probably my favorite packaged fruit snack.  I can’t eat any of the fruit packed in syrup anymore — WAY too sweet for my taste.  I think these are about 40 calories a pop?

So, dinner.  Matt is a HUGE hockey fan (go Sabres!!), and since he was kind enough to adopt my terrible Mets when we started dating, I adopted his team too.  There just so happens to be this awesome Mexican hockey bar in our neighborhood (yes, a Mexican hockey bar) where they play all of the Sabres games, and we decided to go there for dinner.

We’ve been going to this place for years now, so it is sort of like our Cheers; we know everyone who works there (and they’re always glad we came 😉 ), they know what we like to order, and we usually get a free round or two!

My tummy was NOT going to be happy with anything spicy tonight, so I decided on a grilled chicken sandwich with cheddar cheese:


I ate about 3/4 of the sandwich, which was SO tasty, but didn’t have any fries.

Time to get some rest and nurse my upset tummy!  See you in the morning! 🙂


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