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It’s the little things

…that make a day great.

Awesome little thing #1: a wonderful 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night!  I usually have a hard time falling asleep – it takes me 20 minutes or so to zonk out after I go to bed – so I decided to turn off the lights and get under the covers around 10:30 and was out a little after 11.  When the alarm went off at 7 I felt amazing!  I still hit the snooze button a few times though! 😉

Awesome little thing #2: AM showers.  I’m a night showering person for two reasons: one, I work out in the evenings 99% of the time and going to bed sweaty and gross is a no-no, and two, I give myself next to no time to get ready in the morning.  My typical AM routine is bathroom — > brush teeth — > deodorant — > put on work clothes — > kiss Matt and Barkley good morning — > run out the door.  Since I had some extra time this morning after waking up so refreshed, I was able to get in a nice, quick shower.  It was better than coffee at waking me up, for a few hours at least…

Awesome little thing #3: my incredibly supportive job.  The hospital where I work offers employees a number of awesome healthy living perks, including discounted gym memberships, smoking cessation programs and on-site nutritionist consultations.  I had a meeting with the nutritionist this morning (and I showed her the blog – Hi, Michelle!) and it went really well!  She really understands my struggles with emotional eating and staying on track, and encouraged me to be 100% accountable on the blog, even on the “bad” days.

My employer also offers cool employee wellness challenges, which brings me to…

Awesome little thing #4: challenges!  I signed up for two challenges today to get me through the holidays, one at work (“Maintain, not Gain!”, which starts next week) and one at another blog (RuntoTheFinish’s Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge – thanks, Linz!).

While I’ve had mixed results with challenges in the past – I ROCKED a 10-day work fruit/veggie challenge last month but have totally failed at Oh She Glows’ Whittle Your Middle” challenge – I’m confident that I can do well with these two challenges through the new year!  While I’d love to lose a few more pounds between now and 2010, I know that maintaining during the holiday season is something I can be proud of too.

Finally, awesome little thing #5: compliments.  While I was getting my third cup of coffee this morning, I bumped into a co-worker.  She looked me up and down, told me that my face was looking much thinner and asked if I was losing weight.  When I said yes, she said “Wow, you can really tell!”, and it totally made my day!

I’m also considering the fact that I accepted her compliment a victory.  I used to be the WORST at taking compliments; if someone said something nice about me, I’d thank them but then add some comment dismissing what they said.  A “Wow!  Have you lost weight?” would be met with “Yes, but I still have a long ways to go.”, and I’d respond to “You finished a half-marathon?  Good for you!” with “Thanks, but my time was terrible!  I’m so slow.”

Rejecting or dismissing a compliment is silly; not only is it another way to continue unnecessary negative self-talk, it also makes the person complimenting you feel uncomfortable and less likely to approach you with positive words in the future.  If someone is saying something nice about you, you deserve it, even if you don’t think you do.  Smile, say thank you, and embrace the good thoughts!! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Yay for signing up for the HBBC! And I know how you feel about accepting a compliment. It’s so hard for me to just be proud of my accomplishments – I too like to revert to the “oh well I still have more to go” or something like that. I think you do deserve it and great job for realizing it.

  2. Good for you!!! I always seem to turn compliments around instead of appreciating them. Which sucks because compliments are meant to be appreciated!

    Sounds like you work for a great company. I’m jealous!

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