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Reading Rainbow and hodgepodge.

Good evening!  Hope everyone had a lovely day.  My stomach was acting funny again today, but I sucked it up and actually went to the gym after work, which felt really good.  I ran 3.16 miles in 36 minutes — not bad for Captain Slowpoke! 🙂

Breakfast was a 7-grain bagel with egg whites and a slice of cheese.  I didn’t take a picture of it, but here’s what it looked like when I had it last week:

Mmmmm!  The bagel was perfectly fresh and doughy, and the protein from the egg white and cheese kept me full all morning.  I don’t think I could ever live outside of New York; I’d miss the bagels (and pizza, and delis) too much!

Lunch was another great meal: a small soup and veggie-tastic salad from Hale and Hearty.  Their soup of the month happens to be my favorite, cream of tomato with chicken and orzo:

Look at how thick that soup is!!  And, surprisingly, the nutritionals aren’t too bad for a cream-based soup: 230 calories, 12g fat and 3g fiber for an 8oz. serving.  The soup and salad filled me up really well for the rest of the day.

My salad had all the old favorites: broccoli, tomato, red onion, roasted red pepper, cucumbers, carrots and cheese:

I think the red pepper might be the thing causing my tummy issues; I LOVE peppers, but apparently they don’t love me back so much.  Anyone else have a similar experience?

I snacked on a pineapple cup while I was still at work, and ate half of an iced gingerbread Clif bar (one of the seasonal flavors) on my walk to the gym — man, that was good!  I was inspired by Monica’s midday post and picked one up at the health food store when I got some ingredients for Vegan 4 A Day tomorrow…but more on that later! 🙂

After my aforementioned run, I walked home from the gym and surprisingly, Matt beat me home!  99 percent of the time I’m home HOURS before he walks in the door; oh, the life of a Ph.D. candidate!

We actually had a pretty domestic night at home and cooked dinner together!  We made whole wheat couscous with lamb chops and last night’s green beans and garlic:

Yum!  I had about a cup of couscous, a 3oz. chop and about 1/2 a cup of green beans.  Dinner was a little light on the veggies, but I think my veggie-heavy lunch made up for it!

Also, in the interests of ethical eating (hi, Erin!), I have to mention that the pork chops we ate were from Heritage Acres.  Heritage Acres meat is from small family farms where the animals are raised humanely, eat a natural grain diet and are antibiotic-free.  Yay for avoiding the factory farming system!

I had the other half of my iced gingerbread Clif bar while catching up on blogs.  I’m so happy I ordered a box of those bars!  I also ordered a box of the pumpkin spice seasonal bars; I’ll review those the second they come in the mail 🙂

On my way home from the gym I stopped at Barnes and Noble.  Now, I think I’ve mentioned my love of shopping before, but it goes to a whole ‘nother level when I’m at a bookstore!  My bookshelves are currently bursting at the seams, but I still can’t walk out of a B&N empty handed.  Today was no exception:

Hooray for health magazines!  I can’t wait to dive in to them during my bath tonight 🙂

Here’s a bit of Kara trivia for you: when I was growing up, the main reason I got in trouble was because I stayed up late reading!  I perfected the art of reading laying on my back, with my head under the covers and a flashlight on my shoulder.  When I was awake I couldn’t stop reading either; I’d plow through any book I could get my hands on, and as a result I was reading at a 6th grade level when I was only 6 or 7.  Any babysitter who offered to read me a book before bed would be met with a STACK of books about as tall as I was! 🙂  It makes me happy to know Matt was the same way growing up — we’re nerd soul mates!

Anyway, onto the hodgepodge!

– I saw this article in the Times’ Well Blog today, and thought I’d share: Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious.  As someone who struggles with anxiety on a regular basis (I tend to overthink everything, stress about unnecessary things and have had a few panic attacks over the years), I thought it was a really interesting read.  It was also a great motivator on a day where I really needed to get to the gym!

– Tomorrow is Vegan 4 A Day, and I’m really excited/nervous about it.  I’ve gone vegetarian before, and I’m totally cool with that — I’m actually planning an all-veggie month sometime in the near future — but vegan is a bit of a different story.  As you can tell from my blog entries so far, I love cheese!  And eggs!  I’m going to give it the old college try, though; I even bought some vegan brown rice pasta to make for dinner tomorrow night 🙂

– I think I’m going to finally watch Food, Inc. tomorrow — Netflix sent it to me earlier this week, and I feel like a bad food blogger for not watching and reviewing it yet!

Alright, that’s all from me — have a great night!!


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