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3 parts vegan, 1 part omnivore

I’m falling asleep as I type this, so here’s my quick recap of today’s eats before bed:

Breakfast was vegan meal #1 — some old-fashioned oats cooked on the stovetop with a scoop of brown sugar:

Man, the texture of this oatmeal was SO awesome!  I hate waking up early, but this oatmeal might be worth a few lost minutes of sleep before work 🙂  I also had a morning snack at my desk of some pom arils:

Lunch was also vegan: tomato soup, hummus with mushrooms and a whole wheat pita (I made sure to ask the waitress if the pita was vegan!):

Take a look at how thick the pita is!

Honestly, the hummus and pita weren’t all that flavorful, so this lunch wasn’t as satisfying as it could (or should!) have been.  Also, the soup had a bit too much spice to it, so it wasn’t really my thing.  Oh well, better luck next time!

I snacked on a few unpictured vegan fruit cups at work — mandarin oranges and pineapple.  Tasty, but also not super satisfying.

When I got home from work, vegan for a day officially ended with about 8 of these wonderful Lindt peanut butter truffles:

HOLY YUM.  I can’t even describe how tasty these were — melt in your mouth peanut butter and chocolate deliciousness.  But obviously not at all vegan.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I was feeling really deprived as a temporary vegan today and considered bingeing, but instead decided to have a small amount of something really tasty.

While this was a bit of a splurge — calorie-wise and price-wise — I’m not beating myself up about it; the quality of the chocolate was really high (no high fructose corn syrup or other weird frankenfood ingredients) and the entire package (12 truffles) only had 800 calories, less than a pint of ice cream or jar of peanut butter.  I enjoyed every bite!

Dinner was some of the Free Bird chicken on a multigrain tortilla with half a slice of organic cheese and some medium salsa:

Not bad!  I also had some (vegan!) roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil and a touch of sugar:

I finished the final four peanut butter truffles while watching DVRed Office and 30 Rock with Matt and Barkley.  I wanted to save a few of the 12 truffles for tomorrow, but that didn’t exactly happen 🙂  I’m not beating myself up about it, which is progress in my book!

Alright, time to walk the dog — have a great night!


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  1. Sounds like a good day. I’m glad you didn’t deprive yourself of what your body was craving for dinner. And it stinks that your lunch wasn’t so filling or your snacks for that matter.

  2. welcome to the holiday bootie buster challenge!! It should be fun and motivating! I love sweet potatoes and ohhh lindt. I like buying the really dark ones because I can stop at one

  3. […] Here’s hoping I do a better job at keeping them in the house this time around! […]

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