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Food hangover

Ever have one of those days where you eat a bunch of junk, then wake up feeling almost hungover?  You’re tired, your head sort of hurts, you’ve got a bunch of regrets…

Yep, that’s how I’m feeling right now.  Ugh.  I’m not dwelling, I promise — I’m really trying my best not to beat myself up about stuff anymore — I’m just really feeling the after effects of a day of crummy eating 😦

I guess I figured that maybe if I didn’t blog about what I ate that it didn’t actually happen, but that’s obviously not the case.  So, here goes nothing!  Before I start, two quick warnings about Friday’s eats: one, I was VERY hormonal yesterday and two, I didn’t take that many pictures of yesterday’s eats, largely out of embarrassment.  Hopefully my word pictures will suffice! 🙂

Breakfast was my old, unpictured standard from Starbucks — venti latte and oatmeal.  Honestly, I think I preferred my homemade old-fashioned oats to the Starbucks kind!  Maybe I’ll start getting up a little earlier in the morning…

Lunch was one of my favorite wraps from Lenny’s — fresh turkey, cheese, grilled onions, lettuce and tomato on a whole wheat wrap:

This sandwich usually comes with bacon, but I told them to leave it off.  Crazy, right?  Who am I??

I tried my best to listen to my hunger signals this time around (this was the sandwich that left me overstuffed and uncomfortable when I hoovered it down earlier in the week), so I ate half, waited for a little while, then ate the other half.  It worked — no awful stomachache!

A few hours later I snacked on some fruit packed in Splenda:

Not such a bad day so far, right?  After I shut down my work computer I went home and the trouble started.

As soon as I walked in the door I realized I was a bit hungry and drank a Fruit2Day to get some more fruits and veggies in my life.  Then, still hungry, I dove into my new box of Clif bars and had two: a seasonal iced gingerbread bar and a chocolate chip peanut crunch.  At that point I realized I was completely EXHAUSTED (again, stupid hormones!) and hopped into bed for a quick late afternoon nap.

The husband came home starving around 8:00 and we ordered dinner, even though I wasn’t all that hungry after my Clif bar “snack” (which, calorie-wise, probably counted as a full meal).  We ordered barbeque, one of my take-out nemeses, and I chowed down on some sweet potato fries (so greasy! ugh) and three ribs.

THEN, a few hours later, I decided I wanted something sweet and had a sandwich thin with some maple peanut butter on it.  After that, I had another sandwich thin, but this time toasted with a little butter.

To be honest, I’ve had FAR worse food binges over the years that would make Friday look like nothing, but the combination of eating pretty well over the past few weeks and generally eating less over the past month made yesterday feel really crummy.  Today is a new day, though, and I’m determined to make it a better one!  I’m about to head out for a nice, long walk, followed by errands and some apartment cleaning.

Before I head out, let me leave you with an adorable picture of my reluctant Sabres fan:

Have a great Saturday!  🙂


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