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Spring cleaning

…a few months too late! 😉  I spent the day cleaning up a storm, and our apartment is finally starting to look livable again!  I still have laundry and some vacuuming on the schedule for tomorrow, but I made a ton of progress today.  Summer clothes have been put away, warm, fuzzy sweaters are out, recycling is in the basement, and every pot and pan is clean — phew!  Now, I’m completely exhausted (which was the plan — I have to be up early tomorrow!) but feel really accomplished.

The theme for today’s eats was fuel; I was running around like a crazy person for most of the day and needed plenty of energy to keep me going.  When I woke up I wasn’t all that hungry, so I had an unpictured Fruit2Day and two clementine cups.

An hour or so later I had a brunchy lunch of two eggs and one egg white on two whole wheat tortillas with a bit of cheese:

I realized my rolled-up pictures of my egg tortillas weren’t as pretty, so I took a “deconstructed tortilla” picture 🙂

The eggs held me over for a really long time, but around 6 I took a cleaning break to try the other seasonal Clif bar I ordered, spiced pumpkin pie.  It was AWESOME!  I think chocolate chip peanut crunch is still my #1, but the two seasonal flavors are in close contention for second place.

Dinner was a frozen Amy’s macaroni and cheese with a side of peas:

Not the most beautiful meal, but it was plenty delicious!  It hit the spot perfectly.  I snacked on another Fruit2Day and half a Clif bar after dinner — I was craving something sweet — but I’m saving the other half for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Time to start getting ready for bed — I’ve got a 4-mile race in the morning!  This is an especially exciting race for me, as it is the last of the nine races I need to complete in order to gain guaranteed entry into next year’s New York City Marathon.  Here’s hoping it goes well!  I’ll be back in the morning with a race recap.


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