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Update on last week’s goals

Morning!  I wanted to post an update on the goals I set for myself last week and set some new ones for this holiday week.  While I wasn’t as “good” as I hoped, I did accomplish a few key objectives:

– Get to the gym 4x this week:  Fail!  I think I only went once 😦

– Run 10 miles total this week: 6 at the gym, 4 in Sunday’s road race: almost success — I ran a little over 7 miles at the gym and at yesterday’s race.  Not so bad!

– Do yoga at least once this week: Fail.  I was going to go to a yoga class on Thursday, but got distracted by my Vegan 4 A Day fail and went home instead.  I’ll do better this week!

– Get in at least 5 fruit/veggie servings every day this week:  I’d say I was about 90% successful — I hit my 5 F/V goal every day but yesterday, and I only came up short by one serving.

–  Track everything I eat on the blog and in my WW points tracker: success with the blog, not so much the points tracker.

I’m starting to gravitate away from WW and am heading more towards intuitive eating, but I still think I need the structure of Weight Watchers to lose weight and keep my portions in check.

– Work on my sleep schedule: Almost done — I’m getting better at waking up earlier, but still not there 100%.  I’m definitely getting to bed earlier and sleeping better, though!

  • Get to bed earlier
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night
  • Wake up earlier

– FINALLY clean out my closet/dresser: Done!!

  • Bring out winter clothes
  • Put away summer clothes
  • Put away anything that doesn’t fit right now
  • Donate clothing that is too big/anything I don’t really wear

– Clean our apartment top to bottom: mostly done, but I still need to attack the floors with the steam cleaner and do my laundry.

Now for this week’s goals!  I’m not so worried about overeating at Thanksgiving dinner — I’m not a big turkey and stuffing fan — but dessert is my problem.  I’m taking a tip from Tina’s blog and will put all my desserts on a plate so I’m not tempted to graze on the spread. I always thought it was worse to fill up a plate with desserts than just grab a bite or two here and there, but when you grab a cookie every time you pass the dessert table, you’re eating way more than would on a single small plate! 😉

So, here’s my plan for the short week:

– Get to the gym 3 times this week — this should be doable, since I only have Thursday off.  I’ll try to get in four workouts, but I’m not going to drive myself crazy about it.

– Run 6 miles this week, either inside or outside (or both)

– Track my points all week, and post photos of everything I eat on the blog — the second half of this should be MUCH easier than the first.  I hate estimating points, but I know I won’t have much choice on Thanksgiving.  On second thought, I might give myself a free pass on point counting on Thursday, just to keep my brain from breaking 🙂

– Finish cleaning the apartment

– Get in 5 F/V servings every day this week

– Start Christmas shopping!

I think that’s a reasonable list for the week — wish me luck! 🙂  Have a great day — back later with today’s eats!

Do you ever give yourself a free pass for calorie counting/point tracking?  How does it affect you and your goals?

Do you set weekly goals for yourself?


2 Responses

  1. I decided that I am going to work really hard this work at my fitness goals so that on thursday I don’t feel guilty for any over indulging that might happen. I am very confident that this is going to do the trick. Because I know myself too well. Ohh and thanks for sharing the tip about the desserts. That totally makes sense!

  2. I never give myself a pass on counting. I at least write it all down even if I don’t add it up. It makes me accountable for what goes in my mouth instead of going willy nilly because I have a free day.

    I don’t normally set weekly goals. I set daily goals and try to get them all done before bed since work doesn’t end when my office closes. But if you don’t mind I’m going to take your idea and post weekly goals on my blog so that I will be accountable to do them and get through this phase.

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