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The Usual Suspects

Today’s eats were all old favorites of mine, but some decided not to play so nice in my tummy 😦  Let’s start with the good stuff:

Breakfast was served in two parts.  During a morning meeting I snacked on half a Clif bar, and when  I got back to my desk I enjoyed my first attempt at overnight oats!  I combined 2/3c. of old-fashioned oats with a little less than 2/3c. water and tossed them in the fridge right before bed.  A minute in the work microwave and 1 tbsp. of brown sugar later, it looked like this:

Not bad!  Texture was much better than instant oats, and much more wallet-friendly than Starbucks every morning! 🙂  I also had 3 cups of Rain Forest Nut with skim milk and Splenda.  A gallon of organic skim milk costs $4.50 or so at the drugstore and lasts a week; compare that to $4.76 for ONE venti latte!

I had a pre-lunch snack around noon of some fruit (2 clementine cups and a pineapple cup) and the other half of my Clif bar.

Lunch was my nemesis today.  I was in the mood for Japanese, so I ordered from a local place I knew was tasty; I’m pretty picky when it comes to sushi take-out places.  Unfortunately, when I walked in the restaurant to pick up my meal, the place was completely empty, and it seemed like they hadn’t had many customers all week.  Bad sign.

I got my standard order of two yellowtail scallion rolls, miso soup and some chicken yakitori skewers:

The food tasted fine, but unfortunately, about an hour after lunch, my stomach started making some very angry noises, and I started feeling really sick.  I made my way through the rest of the work day but SPRINTED home and spent the next few hours curled up on the couch.  Boo 😦

First, I felt like this:

Then I felt like this:

(that’s my frustrated face, in case you couldn’t tell!)

After some recovery time I self-medicated with two of these:

Peanut butter always does the trick, doesn’t it? 🙂  Thankfully, I’m feeling about 1,000% better now, and might actually attempt some at-home exercise before bed.

Dinner was another classic: Amy’s mac and cheese with peas.  I REALLY wasn’t in the mood for cooking, so this hit the spot — not too heavy but definitely filling.  I also had a Fruit2Day and another Clif bar for dessert.

With my weird hamstring tweak yesterday and tummy issues today, this week isn’t exactly off to the world’s best start.  My brain is also in vacation mode, even though I’m only off on Thursday!  I don’t feel like I’ve been that off-target food-wise this week, but I know I need to right the ship when it comes to the other aspects of my life.  I WILL get a good night’s sleep tonight and I WILL get to the gym tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Do you feel like you need to re-focus this week?  Do the holidays throw off your eating/sleeping/exercise schedule?  If so, how do you “right the ship”?


2 Responses

  1. Boo for bad sushi. I love sushi but only order from two places around here because the others are sketchy.

    Good job with changing your purchasing to save a few bucks.

    I tend to try and remind myself that Thursday is one day for Thanksgiving and I go off course the whole week without repurcussions.

  2. ohh that sushi is looking soooo good to me right now. sorry about the tummy ache though!

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