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Workin’ hard Wednesday

Phew — today was a LONG day!  Let’s start with the eats:

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t have breakfast this morning, save for 3 cups of coffee.  I was starving by lunchtime, so I had a HUGE mix of whole wheat penne with tomatoes, spinach, chicken, onions, mushrooms, peas, tomato basil sauce and some cheese:

YUM!  This hit the spot perfectly.  I polished off most of it but didn’t feel overstuffed when I was done, and the combo of protein, carbs and veggies kept me full all day 🙂


I did snack on the most ridiculous banana ever.  I included my iPod Touch in the picture for size comparison (coughthat’swhatshesaidcough):

After work — early dismissal at 4:00, yay! — I walked over to the gym and ran a quick 2.69 miles in 30 minutes, an 11:09/pace!  Yes, I know I’m slow, but I’m proud that I’m getting faster!  My marathon goal is to finish in under 5 hours, which means I’m going to have to maintain an 11:26/mile pace for the whole race.  Once I build up my short distance speed a little bit more I’m going to start adding in some longer runs to increase my endurance so I can meet my goal 🙂

I also did 15 minutes on the elliptical (crossramp 8, resistance 3) before walking home.  As part of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, I calculated my total roundtrip walk from work –> gym –> home: 1.8 miles!  I was met at the door by a VERY happy Barkley:

Who can resist that face?  I took my guy for a quick walk, then made myself dinner:

Roasted sweet taters!  I was still pretty satisfied from lunch, so this hit the spot.  After dinner I hopped in the shower, then started my Thanksgiving baking projects!!  While I was doing my prep I snacked on a Fruit2Day and Clif bar, partially to keep myself from snacking on batter, and partially because I was still a little hungry 😉


Project #1 was pumpkin bread: round 2:

I used the same recipe as last time, but split the batter in half and added chocolate chips to one loaf.  Our apartment smells AMAZING right now; here’s hoping they taste as good as they look and smell!

Baking project #2 was sugar cookies!  Here’s the before:


And the delicious after:

One of these cookies may or may not have found its way into my tummy… 🙂

I use a cookie scoop (sort of like a tiny ice cream scoop) to make sure all my cookies are the same size and bake evenly.  I can’t believe I used to try and roll out dough balls by hand; I would NEVER get them even!

Matt and I each had a few of these guys while my baking projects were in the oven:

Here’s hoping I do a better job at keeping them in the house this time around!


Alright, it’s time to hit the sack.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

I’ll be back later tonight with my eats and exercise for the day 🙂


The Usual Suspects

Today’s eats were all old favorites of mine, but some decided not to play so nice in my tummy 😦  Let’s start with the good stuff:

Breakfast was served in two parts.  During a morning meeting I snacked on half a Clif bar, and when  I got back to my desk I enjoyed my first attempt at overnight oats!  I combined 2/3c. of old-fashioned oats with a little less than 2/3c. water and tossed them in the fridge right before bed.  A minute in the work microwave and 1 tbsp. of brown sugar later, it looked like this:

Not bad!  Texture was much better than instant oats, and much more wallet-friendly than Starbucks every morning! 🙂  I also had 3 cups of Rain Forest Nut with skim milk and Splenda.  A gallon of organic skim milk costs $4.50 or so at the drugstore and lasts a week; compare that to $4.76 for ONE venti latte!

I had a pre-lunch snack around noon of some fruit (2 clementine cups and a pineapple cup) and the other half of my Clif bar.

Lunch was my nemesis today.  I was in the mood for Japanese, so I ordered from a local place I knew was tasty; I’m pretty picky when it comes to sushi take-out places.  Unfortunately, when I walked in the restaurant to pick up my meal, the place was completely empty, and it seemed like they hadn’t had many customers all week.  Bad sign.

I got my standard order of two yellowtail scallion rolls, miso soup and some chicken yakitori skewers:

The food tasted fine, but unfortunately, about an hour after lunch, my stomach started making some very angry noises, and I started feeling really sick.  I made my way through the rest of the work day but SPRINTED home and spent the next few hours curled up on the couch.  Boo 😦

First, I felt like this:

Then I felt like this:

(that’s my frustrated face, in case you couldn’t tell!)

After some recovery time I self-medicated with two of these:

Peanut butter always does the trick, doesn’t it? 🙂  Thankfully, I’m feeling about 1,000% better now, and might actually attempt some at-home exercise before bed.

Dinner was another classic: Amy’s mac and cheese with peas.  I REALLY wasn’t in the mood for cooking, so this hit the spot — not too heavy but definitely filling.  I also had a Fruit2Day and another Clif bar for dessert.

With my weird hamstring tweak yesterday and tummy issues today, this week isn’t exactly off to the world’s best start.  My brain is also in vacation mode, even though I’m only off on Thursday!  I don’t feel like I’ve been that off-target food-wise this week, but I know I need to right the ship when it comes to the other aspects of my life.  I WILL get a good night’s sleep tonight and I WILL get to the gym tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Do you feel like you need to re-focus this week?  Do the holidays throw off your eating/sleeping/exercise schedule?  If so, how do you “right the ship”?

Manic Monday eats

Hope everyone’s having a great night!  I had a mildly productive evening since my last post — got some blog reading and e-mails done, fed the dog and the husband, and it will be time to take a shower shortly 🙂

Today’s breakfast was a little bit of a hodgepodge — an unpictured Clif bar (my fave, chocolate chip peanut crunch) and two cups of unsweetened peach applesauce:

Tasty!  The combo of fruit and carby protein-y goodness kept me full for most of the morning.

I grabbed lunch on my walk from the hospital to my office after chorus rehearsal (I’m in a holiday chorus at work — we have a concert next week for the patients): roast beef, mozzarella and lotsa grilled onions on a whole wheat wrap:

This was not as tasty as it looks — the meat was sorta overcooked and not very flavorful, and the cheese was kinda blah.  Plus, I had onion breath the rest of the day! 😦  BOO lunch.

I walked home from work and promptly took Barkley for a nice, long stroll around the neighborhood — we covered a little over a mile.  I had every intention of going to the gym tonight, but unfortunately my right hamstring had other plans.  I think I tweaked it during my race yesterday; there goes my streak of no running injuries!  I might ice it a little bit later before bed so I can workout pain-free tomorrow.

I snacked on a fruit smoothie when I came home:

This baby had a cup of frozen strawberries, a cup of frozen mango, half a cup of frozen blueberries, a scoop of Amazing Grass and a cup or so of water.  Pretty tasty!

An hour or two later I had a sandwich thin with 1 tbsp. maple peanut butter:

That’s How I Met Your Mother on in the background 🙂

Dinner was an AMAZING new find from Whole Foods — Lundberg Family Farms’ Creamy Parmesan Risotto!  We beefed ours up with some peas and parmesan cheese:

Yum yum YUM!  This was unbelievably good (not to mention filling)!!  I had about 3/4c. of the risotto and a cup of peas — the perfect serving size.  It even got the husband seal of approval:

🙂 I’m definitely picking up a few more boxes of this the next time I’m at Whole Foods!  Maybe next time I’ll try their porcini mushroom risotto

Alrighty, time to hop in the shower and head to bed — I’ve got an early morning tomorrow!  Night!

Lazy Sunday

I think this post is going to be a quick one — I just tried to plug my camera cable into my Clif bar.  That does not bode well for an articulate, well thought-out post! 🙂

First off, my post-race photo shoot!  This is my windblown and exhausted, but totally happy face:

Also, the hat I’m wearing?  Used to be navy blue.  That’s what happens when you wear the same hat for virtually every race!

As I mentioned before, my pre-race “breakfast” was a venti skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks, also known as my “wake-up drink” — that’s what the security guard in my office calls it when I walk in with it.  After the race I had the other half of my Clif bar from last night and a banana, both unpictured because I shoveled them in my mouth REALLY fast.

My two breakfasts kept me incredibly full during a late morning/early afternoon shopping trip!  Thanks to some coupons, a gift certificate and some sales, I got around $500 worth of stuff (Kara presents and a few Christmas presents) for about $150.  Jackpot!  Maybe I’ll debut a few of my purchases at work (and on the blog) tomorrow 🙂

By the time I left Modells and headed home, I was STARVING, and decided to stop at a new place for lunch on the way home.  I’ve walked past Healthalicious a million times before and it always intrigued me, but I had never gone in until today.  I ordered a turkey burger on a multigrain bun with cheddar, grilled onions and lettuce (I took off the tomato) with a side of mashed sweet taters:

The burger was delicious-licious (see what I did there?) but a bit unevenly cooked, and the mashed sweet potato was just meh.  I only ate a few bites of it before tossing it.  All in all, an okay lunch, but at $17 for the whole meal, WAY overpriced.  Maybe next time I’ll try one of their platters with sides included — I think they run about $10-11 each.

I spent the afternoon chilling on the couch with Barkley, surfing the interwebs, reading blogs and watching my Jets get embarrassed by the Patriots.  Good thing I don’t really care about football!  I also snacked on a Fruit2Day (man, I really love these!) while I vegged out.  I planned to be a little bit more productive today, but it was nice to just have a lazy day at home.

Around 7 or so I started getting hungry for dinner, but nothing in our fridge looked good and I didn’t feel like ordering out.  I decided to have some brinner: oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon and a bit of maple syrup:

EXTREME close-up:

Deliciousness!  When I was a kid my dad always made oatmeal with maple syrup, cinnamon and *coughbuttercough*, so this combo reminds me of him.  Now that he’s lost a bunch of weight with Weight Watchers (60 pounds — go Dad!!), he has his oatmeal with banana and Splenda 🙂

Surprisingly, I was still hungry after my oatmeal, so I noshed on one of the spiced pumpkin pie Clif bars (the one I tried to plug into my computer):

Now I’m happily satisfied and ready for bed — my early wake-up call, run and shopping marathon have tuckered me out! 😉  Matt just put in “Up” (which looks PHENOMENAL in Blu-Ray, by the way), so it’s time to cry for a bit, then crash.

Have a great night!

Spring cleaning

…a few months too late! 😉  I spent the day cleaning up a storm, and our apartment is finally starting to look livable again!  I still have laundry and some vacuuming on the schedule for tomorrow, but I made a ton of progress today.  Summer clothes have been put away, warm, fuzzy sweaters are out, recycling is in the basement, and every pot and pan is clean — phew!  Now, I’m completely exhausted (which was the plan — I have to be up early tomorrow!) but feel really accomplished.

The theme for today’s eats was fuel; I was running around like a crazy person for most of the day and needed plenty of energy to keep me going.  When I woke up I wasn’t all that hungry, so I had an unpictured Fruit2Day and two clementine cups.

An hour or so later I had a brunchy lunch of two eggs and one egg white on two whole wheat tortillas with a bit of cheese:

I realized my rolled-up pictures of my egg tortillas weren’t as pretty, so I took a “deconstructed tortilla” picture 🙂

The eggs held me over for a really long time, but around 6 I took a cleaning break to try the other seasonal Clif bar I ordered, spiced pumpkin pie.  It was AWESOME!  I think chocolate chip peanut crunch is still my #1, but the two seasonal flavors are in close contention for second place.

Dinner was a frozen Amy’s macaroni and cheese with a side of peas:

Not the most beautiful meal, but it was plenty delicious!  It hit the spot perfectly.  I snacked on another Fruit2Day and half a Clif bar after dinner — I was craving something sweet — but I’m saving the other half for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Time to start getting ready for bed — I’ve got a 4-mile race in the morning!  This is an especially exciting race for me, as it is the last of the nine races I need to complete in order to gain guaranteed entry into next year’s New York City Marathon.  Here’s hoping it goes well!  I’ll be back in the morning with a race recap.

Food hangover

Ever have one of those days where you eat a bunch of junk, then wake up feeling almost hungover?  You’re tired, your head sort of hurts, you’ve got a bunch of regrets…

Yep, that’s how I’m feeling right now.  Ugh.  I’m not dwelling, I promise — I’m really trying my best not to beat myself up about stuff anymore — I’m just really feeling the after effects of a day of crummy eating 😦

I guess I figured that maybe if I didn’t blog about what I ate that it didn’t actually happen, but that’s obviously not the case.  So, here goes nothing!  Before I start, two quick warnings about Friday’s eats: one, I was VERY hormonal yesterday and two, I didn’t take that many pictures of yesterday’s eats, largely out of embarrassment.  Hopefully my word pictures will suffice! 🙂

Breakfast was my old, unpictured standard from Starbucks — venti latte and oatmeal.  Honestly, I think I preferred my homemade old-fashioned oats to the Starbucks kind!  Maybe I’ll start getting up a little earlier in the morning…

Lunch was one of my favorite wraps from Lenny’s — fresh turkey, cheese, grilled onions, lettuce and tomato on a whole wheat wrap:

This sandwich usually comes with bacon, but I told them to leave it off.  Crazy, right?  Who am I??

I tried my best to listen to my hunger signals this time around (this was the sandwich that left me overstuffed and uncomfortable when I hoovered it down earlier in the week), so I ate half, waited for a little while, then ate the other half.  It worked — no awful stomachache!

A few hours later I snacked on some fruit packed in Splenda:

Not such a bad day so far, right?  After I shut down my work computer I went home and the trouble started.

As soon as I walked in the door I realized I was a bit hungry and drank a Fruit2Day to get some more fruits and veggies in my life.  Then, still hungry, I dove into my new box of Clif bars and had two: a seasonal iced gingerbread bar and a chocolate chip peanut crunch.  At that point I realized I was completely EXHAUSTED (again, stupid hormones!) and hopped into bed for a quick late afternoon nap.

The husband came home starving around 8:00 and we ordered dinner, even though I wasn’t all that hungry after my Clif bar “snack” (which, calorie-wise, probably counted as a full meal).  We ordered barbeque, one of my take-out nemeses, and I chowed down on some sweet potato fries (so greasy! ugh) and three ribs.

THEN, a few hours later, I decided I wanted something sweet and had a sandwich thin with some maple peanut butter on it.  After that, I had another sandwich thin, but this time toasted with a little butter.

To be honest, I’ve had FAR worse food binges over the years that would make Friday look like nothing, but the combination of eating pretty well over the past few weeks and generally eating less over the past month made yesterday feel really crummy.  Today is a new day, though, and I’m determined to make it a better one!  I’m about to head out for a nice, long walk, followed by errands and some apartment cleaning.

Before I head out, let me leave you with an adorable picture of my reluctant Sabres fan:

Have a great Saturday!  🙂

3 parts vegan, 1 part omnivore

I’m falling asleep as I type this, so here’s my quick recap of today’s eats before bed:

Breakfast was vegan meal #1 — some old-fashioned oats cooked on the stovetop with a scoop of brown sugar:

Man, the texture of this oatmeal was SO awesome!  I hate waking up early, but this oatmeal might be worth a few lost minutes of sleep before work 🙂  I also had a morning snack at my desk of some pom arils:

Lunch was also vegan: tomato soup, hummus with mushrooms and a whole wheat pita (I made sure to ask the waitress if the pita was vegan!):

Take a look at how thick the pita is!

Honestly, the hummus and pita weren’t all that flavorful, so this lunch wasn’t as satisfying as it could (or should!) have been.  Also, the soup had a bit too much spice to it, so it wasn’t really my thing.  Oh well, better luck next time!

I snacked on a few unpictured vegan fruit cups at work — mandarin oranges and pineapple.  Tasty, but also not super satisfying.

When I got home from work, vegan for a day officially ended with about 8 of these wonderful Lindt peanut butter truffles:

HOLY YUM.  I can’t even describe how tasty these were — melt in your mouth peanut butter and chocolate deliciousness.  But obviously not at all vegan.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I was feeling really deprived as a temporary vegan today and considered bingeing, but instead decided to have a small amount of something really tasty.

While this was a bit of a splurge — calorie-wise and price-wise — I’m not beating myself up about it; the quality of the chocolate was really high (no high fructose corn syrup or other weird frankenfood ingredients) and the entire package (12 truffles) only had 800 calories, less than a pint of ice cream or jar of peanut butter.  I enjoyed every bite!

Dinner was some of the Free Bird chicken on a multigrain tortilla with half a slice of organic cheese and some medium salsa:

Not bad!  I also had some (vegan!) roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil and a touch of sugar:

I finished the final four peanut butter truffles while watching DVRed Office and 30 Rock with Matt and Barkley.  I wanted to save a few of the 12 truffles for tomorrow, but that didn’t exactly happen 🙂  I’m not beating myself up about it, which is progress in my book!

Alright, time to walk the dog — have a great night!