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Gobble gobble

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!  Sorry for not posting yesterday evening; I was exhausted and spent the rest of the night snuggled with the husband watching movies.  The perfect end to a pretty perfect day!

Unfortunately, I’ve got to work all day today, but I’ll be back later tonight with a full Turkey Day recap 🙂  I’ll leave you with few quick things before I eat my lunch:

– Getting in a run before Thanksgiving dinner is the best thing ever!  Too bad we don’t have any local Turkey Trots…

– Pumpkin bread > pumpkin pie, especially when said pumpkin bread has chocolate chips in it!

– Warm apple pie > pretty much everything else in the known universe




Word to the wise: if the restaurant you ordered lunchtime sushi take-out from is COMPLETELY EMPTY when you walk in to pick up your order, the best idea is to turn around and walk out.  Trust me, your stomach will thank you for it 😦  Blahhhh…


Back later when I start to feel human again!


Good afternoon!  Quickie post before I head home for the day, but I wanted to share three quick things:

–          I think I may need a belt for the pants I’m wearing – they are actually loose!  Woohoo!

–          My legs are so SORE from last night’s yoga class!

–          I’m officially done wearing my BodyBugg (more on that later)

 Also, here are three things I love about myself today:

  1. My eyes.  They are a really awesome shade of blue.
  2. My pinkies.  They are unusually short (they hit at my first ring finger knuckle, not the second), but I think they make me unique.
  3. I am incredibly detail-oriented and great with numbers.

 Back later with food recap and more on my heart rate monitor/BodyBugg — hope you’re having a great Friday!